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ONTAP Deploy: GUI would show the host as greyed out, with a message to refresh:fail

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Applies to

  • ONTAP Select Deploy
  • ONTAP Select
  • VMware
  • NSX-T opaque switches


  • When deploying a cluster the Hypervisor and Network section does not progress when selection of host is selected and refreshed.
  • Error reported in esxadmin.log
[ERROR] [Mon Sep 25 14:58:25 2023] [1132] [Mojo::Server::Sandbox::df726c5bc389a2e3a77b783ff24a861b::get_host_support_show] Mojo::Exception: Can't use an 
undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /opt/netapp/lib/DVADMIN/ line 562.

[ERROR] [Mon Sep 25 14:58:25 2023] [1132] [Mojo::Server::Sandbox::df726c4bc389a2e3b77b783ff24a861b::get_host_support_show]

[ERROR] [Mon Sep 25 14:58:25 2023] [1132] [Mojo::Server::Sandbox::df726c4bc389a2e3b77b783ff24a861b::get_host_support_show] 562 
for my $nic (@{$_->pnic}) {
[ERROR] [Mon Sep 25 14:58:25 2023] [1132] [Mojo::Server::Sandbox::df726c4bc389a2e3b77b783ff24a861b::get_host_support_show] 563 
$nic =~ s/^;
[ERROR] [Mon Sep 25 14:58:25 2023] [1132] [Mojo::Server::Sandbox::df726c4bc389a2e3b77b783ff24a861b::get_host_support_show] 564 
push(@ovadapters, $nic);
[ERROR] [Mon Sep 25 14:58:25 2023] [1132] [Mojo::Server::Sandbox::df726c4bc389a2e3b77b783ff24a861b::get_host_support_show] 565 
[ERROR] [Mon Sep 25 14:58:25 2023] [1132] [Mojo::Server::Sandbox::df726c4bc389a2e3b77b783ff24a861b::get_host_support_show] 566 
my $ovswitch = {};
[ERROR] [Mon Sep 25 14:58:25 2023] [1132] [Mojo::Server::Sandbox::df726c4bc389a2e3b77b783ff24a861b::get_host_support_show] 567 
$ovswitch->{name} = $ovname;
  • Error reported in sdotadmin_server.log
2023-09-25 14:58:05,616|DEBUG| 1191|104||173|response body: {"code":"11","details":"Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at \/opt\/netapp\/lib\/DVADMIN\/ line 562.
2023-09-25 14:58:25,575|ERROR| 1191|106||132||270:host_support| Failed to get host support for host "10.x.x.x"

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