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Giveback/Takeover of a Fabric Pool aggregate fails, but fabric pool destination is pingable from home node

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • ONTAP Select
  • FabricPool
  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP(CVO)


  • Attempts to perform SFO giveback of a Fabric Pool aggregate fail with error:

Node1  DEBUG         ha.giveback.totalAbort: Total time taken to abort the giveback of aggregate 'aggr1' was 1 msecs.
Node1  ALERT         sfo.giveback.failed: Giveback of aggregate aggr1 failed due to destination check failed.
Node1  DEBUG         sfo.giveback.aggrProcessTime: Time taken to destination check during giveback of the aggregate 'aggr1' was 2 milliseconds.
Node1  ALERT         sfo.sendhome.subsystemAbort: The giveback operation of 'aggr1' was aborted by 'fabric pools'.
Node1  ERROR Giveback of aggregate 'aggr1' (uuid: XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX) failed due to Object store is not reachable on destination preventing object store access on the destination node


  • Attempting to takeover a node fails with the below error:

[node1: sfo_arl_worker:]: Planned SFO takeover of aggregate 'aggr1' (uuid: XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX) failed due to Object store is not reachable on destination.

cluster1::> storage failover show-takeover
Node       Node Status           Aggregate      Takeover Status
---------- --------------------- -------------- -------------------------------
           Optimized takeover
           by partner aborted.
                                 aggr1          Previous takeover attempt was
                                                aborted because of a precheck
                                                failure. Failing module(s):
                                                "fabric pools". Use the "event
                                                log show -message-name
                                                sfo.tkAbort*" command to get
                                                more information, and follow
                                                the provided corrective
                                                actions.To abort the takeover,
                                                you can giveback the
                                                aggregates that were relocated
                                                as part of the attempted
                                                takeover using the "storage
                                                failover giveback -ofnode
                                                node1" command.If you want to
                                                continue the takeover, address
                                                the failures and then use the
                                                "storage failover takeover
                                                -ofnode node1" command.If you 
                                                want to continue with the takeover
                                                without addressing the
                                                failures you can do so by
                                                using the "storage failover
                                                takeover -ofnode
                                                node1 -bypass-optimization true"
                                                command.  Warning: Setting the
                                                parameter to true might result
                                                in a longer client outage
                                                during planned takeover.
                                 CFO aggregates Not attempted yet.

  • Object stores go to an unavailable state. 
  • Fabric Pool destination is reachable from Intercluster LIFs on both nodes in the HA pair via ICMP.


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