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Kernel Panic on Brocade switch during firmware update

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • MetroCluster FC
  • Brocade switch 6510
  • Switch upgrade


  • Redundancy degraded due to switch issue during upgrade
  • Kernel panic reported in errdump -a:
 2022/07/17-22:17:24, 5137, CHASSIS, INFO, Brocade6510, Processor rebooted - Software Fault:Kernel Panic.
  • Errors reported on the switch:
firmwareshow -v       :
Appl     Primary/Secondary Versions
FOS      v8.1.0b

WARNING: Firmwaredownload is in progress.

tart Autoneg
^HH^HInstalling Linux 2.6 Kernel
Attempting to find a root file system on hda1...
^H^HH^H^H^HH^HH^H^HH^HINIT: ^H^HH^Hversion 2.78 booting^H^HH^H
^H^HH^H^H^HH^H^H^HH^HBypassing firmware validation.
--- Partition /dev/hda2 is inconsistent.
--- Its content will be restored to be the same as that of /dev/hda1.
--- Please check the version and re-load firmware if necessary after the system boots up.
^H^HH^H^H^HH^HINIT: ^H^HH^HEntering runlevel: 3^H^HH^H
^H^HH^HBinding Shell with Loopback address
Enabling FOS failure detection feature
enable fabos log
Starting Fabric OS Services...
FIPS off, RRD...
Found 2(threshold 5) abnormal reboots within 3000 seconds window(threshold)

Enter trace_initialize
fablog module loaded with mtracer!
pdcheck: info: found new pd: mtd_ts=1658124856 DIE Sun Jul 17 22:14:16 2022, cf_ts=1658124467
sys_chip_init: class 0 max 24 Done
ethsw_ha_enabled = 1
uptime: 4293890629; sup_qid: 0

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