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Impact of applying or changing port set

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 8.2 Cluster mode
  • ONTAP 8.3 
  • ONTAP 9.x


When a portset is bound to an igroup, I/O from the initiators is restricted to only the LIFs in the portset.

A change in a portset has the following impact on incoming operations to the LIFs that are removed from the portset.

  • An excluded LIF is any LIF on the same SVM using the same data protocol that is zoned to the initiator.
  • Any I/O operation will receive a SCSI Unit Attention response. The sense code will be 'Reported LUNs Data Has Changed (ASCQ 0x3f0e)'.
  • This is intended to notify the host that the target has changed the LUN inventory. In this case, the target is no longer reporting the LUN.
  • Further I/O operations may receive a SCSI Unit Attention of Logical Unit Not Supported (ASCQ 0x2500). LUNs not presented from the LIF will not be reported in response to a Report LUNs command.


The change in portsets will NOT do any of the following.

  • Terminate any active sessions.
  • Prevent an initiator login on the excluded ports/LIFs. 


  • After any change to portset configuration, perform a rescan for all initiators included in the igroup to which that portset is bound. Before any other actions are taken on the host or storage, verify that all intended paths are visible and using the correct priorities.
  • As a best practice, the initiators should be zoned so that they communicate with only the LIFs included in the portset.

Additional Information

For more information on configuring portsets, see the SAN Administration Guide.


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