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Does ONTAP load balance between S3 target IPs in a FabricPool configuration

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • FabricPool


Beginning ONTAP 9.8, ONTAP FabricPool can load balance between IP addresses. Any releases earlier than ONTAP 9.8 cannot perform load balancing between IP addresses.

Additional Information

In a FabricPool configuration involving Storage Grid, it is possible to have more than one IP address assigned to the FQDN of the S3 server due to multiple storage nodes. ONTAP Object Store Client (OSC) refreshes S3 IP every 5 minutes and when OSC does a lookup via SECD, the hostname/IP of the S3 server is cached in Nameservcies caching for the DNS TTL duration. If OSC does a lookup within the TTL duration then it is likely to get the same IP. 

Additionally, once a connection is established between ONTAP OSC and S3 server IP, ONTAP will try to maintain the connection till the connection is reset and/or closed by the S3 server or by network. 


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