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The maximum supported number of IP spaces for the cluster has been exceeded

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  • Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 and later introduced Network IP Spaces
  • The maximum supported number of IP spaces for cluster with nodes containing less than or equal to 6g of memory is 256 IP spaces.
  • The maximum supported number of IP spaces for all other clusters containing only nodes with greater than 6g of memory is 512 IP spaces.


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The maximum number of IP Spaces for clustered Data ONTAP cluster has been exceeded. This can lead to performance issues and incomparability with later versions of Data ONTAP. This should be addressed as soon as possible.

First, run the sysconfig -A command to determine how much memory each of your nodes in the cluster has:

cluster1::> run -node * sysconfig -A
4 entries were acted on.
Node: Daleks
NetApp Release 8.3.2: Tue Feb 23 15:43:23 PST 2016
System ID: 1575132188 (Daleks); partner ID: 1575129738 (Silence)
System Serial Number: 700001117961 (Daleks)
System Rev: H0
System Storage Configuration: Multi-Path HA
System ACP Connectivity: Full Connectivity
All-Flash Optimized: false
Backplane Part Number: 111-00587
Backplane Rev: D0
Backplane Serial Number: 5013362732
slot 0: System Board

Model Name: FAS3270
Processors: 4
Processor type: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5240 @ 3.00GHz
Memory Size: 2 0480 MB
Memory Attributes: Bank Interleaving
Rank Interleaving

Chipkill ECC

If any node in the cluster has less than or equal to 6144 MB of memory, then the limit of IP Spaces is 256.
If all nodes in the cluster have more than 6144 MB of memory, then the limit is 512 IP Spaces.

You can determine how many IP Spaces you have on the cluster by running the network ipspace show command.

cluster1::> network ipspace show
IPspace             Vserver List                     Broadcast Domains
-----------------   -----------------------------    ----------------------------
                    Cluster                          Cluster
                    keepout, perfdata, cluster1,     65_lan, 83_lan, 84_lan,
                    vserver17                        Default
                    vserver22, blue42                -
                    vserver30                        -


4 entries were displayed.


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