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Is it possible to enable encryption for one CIFS particular share

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • CIFS
  • AES Encryption


Yes, we can enable encryption for a particular share with the help of below steps.

  1. Run following command to enable encryption for the desired share.
cluster1::> vserver cifs share properties add -vserver <VSERVERNAME> -share-name <SHARENAME> -share-properties encrypt-data
  1. Have the users disconnect and reconnect to the shares manually in order to apply the changes.
  1. Run the below command to confirm that encryption is working for all CIFS sessions.
Cluster01::> vserver cifs session show -vserver <VSERVERNAME> -fields smb-encryption-status
  • Encryption won't be in effect unless the client reconnect to the shares as the existing sessions are unencrypted.
  • SMB encryption is supported with SMB3 and above
  • As encryption is enforced at the share-level rather than the server-level, the sessions will be partially encrypted

Additional Information

vserver cifs share properties add

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