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Is full junction path of a volume required when creating NFS datastore mounted to clustered Data ONTAP for Virtual Storage Console?

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • FlexPod


  • NFS datastore to be mounted in Home -> Inventory -> Datastores on vCenter Client, should be referenced with a complete junction path of the volume in 'Folder' in the 'Add Datastore' wizard, including the leading / character.

Example: /junction_path_name

  • While vCenter/ESXi allow paths without leading / character, this can lead to be interpreted by ONTAP as a different junction path and respond with no volume with such junction path in 'Available Entities' in 'Backup and Recovery' when adding a backup job.

Example: server.log

2014-09-02 11:33:04,862 [datastoreList:90eeb5ada2cb78270e7e34cd9d858b98:] DEBUG - Executing ZAPI request volume-get-iter to
2014-09-02 11:33:04,872 [datastoreList:90eeb5ada2cb78270e7e34cd9d858b98:] DEBUG - Received ZAPI response for volume-get-iter from
<results status="passed"><num-records>0</num-records></results></netapp>

Example: SMVI

2014-07-23 10:43:32,529 [datastoreList:0fd85a365279e0ad2349b2c4b81ff33a:] INFO - Unable to manage datastore datastore-15: Failed to find NFS export path qianbing_test2 for datastore datastore_qianbing_test2 on storage system NFS datastores must be exported from a Data ONTAP storage system.
com.netapp.smvi.task.vmware.util.InvalidDatastoreException: Failed to find NFS export path JDLVNFS0001_vol5 for datastore NFS_VDI_Store4 on storage system NFS datastores must be exported from a Data ONTAP storage system.

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