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FAQ: Using Windows MMC with ONTAP

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • CIFS


What are the supported functions in MMC?
  • View shares
  • View active CIFS sessions
  • View open files
  • Enumerate the list of sessions, files and tree connections in the system
  • Close open files in the system
  • Close open sessions
  • Create/manage shares


What functions are not supported in MMC?
  • Creating new local users/groups
  • Managing/viewing existing local user/groups
  • View events or performance logs
  • Managing storage
  • Managing services and applications


Can users other than Domain Administrators access MMC?
  • Yes, users must be added to the BUILTIN\Administrators or BUILTIN\Power Users group

::> vserver cifs users-and-groups local-group add-members -vserver <vserver> -group-name BUILTIN\Administrators -member-names <domain\user>


::> vserver cifs users-and-groups local-group add-members -vserver <vserver> -group-name "BUILTIN\Power Users" -member-names <domain\user>

  • The CIFS session used by the client running the MMC to connect to the storage controller needs to be re-established so that the newly added group is present to their credential


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