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Extreme Client latency and/or hang due to shortage of long-term, replay cache buckets

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 8.3.x and later
  • NFS


Based on ONTAP statistics, high latency could be observed from OPM, Grafana, Perfstat/PerfArchive in the latency breakdown section.  Depending on the tools that are used to monitor performance, the bulk of the latency is from 'CPU_NETWORK' or 'CLUSTER_INTERCONNECT'.

Several errors/warnings could be found from various logs:

  1. CSM timeouts observed from request blade(Nblade) in a perfstat 'sysctl sysvar.csm', the same output could be collected manually from SystemShell by running 'sysctl sysvar.csm'.

Example output:

SpinNPSessionInt::timeout): this=0xffffff80085e1028, sessionId=(req=cluster_n01:nblade, rsp=cluster_n02:dblade, uniquifier=00053816b2747090): In last 3974071360 ms, 104 of 2168524218 Ops timed out, 2171533701 started, 0 Ops timed out unsent. 4289664640/0/0 Ops await replies, 0 segs sent, 0 await ACKs

  1. CSM Flowcontrol on the receiver node(Dblade) in a perfstat 'sysctl sysvar.csm', the same output could be collected manually from SystemShell by running 'sysctl sysvar.csm'.

Example output:

SpinNPSessionInt::processSessionFlowcontrolQueue): sess = 0xffffff8007bdf028, sessionId = (req=c55f68b8-7cc0-11e4-84e6-098b9834504d, rsp=cluster_n02:dblade, uniquifier=00053816b2747090), iface = 1, delivered REQUEST pkt = 0xffffff05931fa271 to flow control list

  1. Nblade.nfsConnResetAndClose - 'Maximum number of rewind attempts has been exceeded' could be found from EMS logs.

Example Output:

Nblade.nfsConnResetAndClose: Shutting down connection with the client. Vserver ID is xx; network data protocol is NFS; client IP address:port is xx.xx.xx.xx:xxx. local IP address is xx.xx.xx.xx; reason is CSM error - Maximum number of rewind attempts has been exceeded.

  1. High SpinNP latency outliers observed from a perfstat ‘stats spinnp’ section, check and make sure it increments across iterations. The same output could also be collected manually by running 'statistics show -object spinnp -raw' from ClusterShell(diag mode).

Example Output:


  1. Spinhi statistics indicates that almost all the Spinhi requests are in deferred queue, this could be found from a perfstat 'spinhi_stats' section, or manually collect it from nodeshell by running 'spinhi_stats'(diag mode).

Example Output:

(spinhi_stats) size=39502 total_req=421874001827 cur_req=25780 max_req=26702 total_resp=421873962781 total_replay_resp=289138 defer_req=55765 cur_defer=25780 max_defer=25780 hipri=15603269 unmarshal_errs=0 marshal_errs=0 fastpath_null_resps=0 cur_nogrow_filecb_bulk=0, cur_nogrow_filecb_op=0 redo=131995, max_nogrow_filecb_bulk=0 max_nogrow_filecb_fileop=0 Access: count=44862084546 hipri=0 errs=77411717 elapsed: max=14087030.76 avg=280.45

cur_req: Current number of requests in SpinHi
cur_defer: Current number of requests in SpinHi Defer Queue
If cur_defer == cur_req, that means, all the current requests at Spinhi are in the Defer Queue
Counter "spinnp_replay_max_long_term_hit" increments across iterations in a perfstat section 'stats spinnp_replay_cache', for example:
spinnp_replay_max_long_term_hit: Total number of times max long term limit was hit"


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