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Node corrupted with IPMI error during ONTAP upgrade BIOS update

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • FAS2700
  • AFF-A220


  • During an ONTAP upgrade that also includes a BIOS update,  An AUTOMATED NDU pause error reports in EMS or System Manager:

Sat Jun 24 13:04:05 +0800 [Cluster-B: mgwd: upgrademgr.fw.monitor.start:notice]: ANDU firmware update monitoring job started.
Sat Jun 24 13:04:05 +0800 [Cluster-B: upgrademgr: upgrademgr.update.pausedErr:error]: The automated update of the cluster has been paused due to the following reason:  Node "Cluster-B": Error: {Node "Cluster-A" is not in "waiting for giveback" state.}, Action: {Use the "storage failover show" to verify that node "Cluster-A" is in one of the following states: "waiting for giveback" or "connected".}.
Sat Jun 24 13:04:05 +0800 [Cluster-B: svc_queue_thread: callhome.andu.pausederr:alert]: params: {'epoch': '', 'subject': 'AUTOMATED NDU PAUSED ON NODE: '}

  • The node  fails to boot with the following events log:

Record 366: Sat Jun 24 06:18:32.000000 2023 [SysFW.notice]: Waiting for SP ...
Record 367: Sat Jun 24 06:18:34.000000 2023 [SysFW.notice]: BIOS Version: 11.16
Record 368: Sat Jun 24 06:18:37.000000 2023 [SysFW.notice]: IPMI:Read midplane FRU common header:device busy. Retrying

  • Attempting to update the BIOS with update_flash at LOADER results in the same error and the node will not boot.


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