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Is there a way to calculate estimated time of completion under vol move phase of cutover_hard_deferred?

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No, there isn't. it requires running volume move trigger-cutover command so that Estimated Time of Completion can display the estimated time by volume move show.

Additional Information

cluster1::*> volume move show -vserver vs0 -volume vol2
Vserver Name: vs0
                             Volume Name: vol2
                  Actual Completion Time: -
                         Bytes Remaining: 156KB
            Specified Action For Cutover: wait
           Specified Cutover Time Window: 30
                   Destination Aggregate: cluster1_aggr2
                        Destination Node: node2
                         Detailed Status: Cutover Deferred, Waiting for user intervention (2.04MB Sent)::Volume move job preparing transfer.
            Estimated Time of Completion: -    
                                  Job ID: 265
                           Managing Node: node1
                     Percentage Complete: -
                              Move Phase: cutover_hard_deferred 
                Prior Issues Encountered: -
            Estimated Remaining Duration: -
                  Replication Throughput: -
                        Duration of Move: 00:24:59
                        Source Aggregate: cluster1_aggr1
                             Source Node: node1
                      Start Time of Move: Tue Mar 17 22:31:32 2011
                              Move State: alert
Move Initiated by Auto Balance Aggregate: false
                         Original Job ID: -

  • volume move show[-phase {queued|initializing|replicating|cutover|cutover_hard_deferred|cutover_soft_deferred|aborting|completed|cleaning_up|failed|restarting|finishing}] - Move Phase 

If this parameter is specified, the command displays move operations that match the specified phase of the move operation.

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