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Unable to unjoin a node while performing a Controller HW Upgrade

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When trying to unjoin a node while performing an Hardware Head Upgrade procedure the following errors are received:
::*> cluster unjoin -node naXXXXX-02

Failed to delete failover-group "e0M" because it is still in use by the following LIFs: <vserver: naXXXXX, LIF: cluster_mgmt>.

Reassign these LIFs to use a new failover-group, then retry the cluster unjoin operation.

::*> network interface delete -vserver Cluster -lif naXXXXX-02_clus1
Warning: Deleting a cluster LIF can disrupt the Cluster network. Are you sure you want to continue? {y|n}: y

Error: command failed: LIF "naXXXXX-02_clus1" cannot be removed because it is required to maintain quorum on node "naXXXXX-02".

::*> network interface modify -vserver svm-test1 -lif svm-test1_lif1 -home-node naXXXXX -home-port a0a-20

Warning: The configured failover-group has no valid failover targets for the LIF's failover-policy. To view the failover targets for a LIF, use the "network interface show -failover" command.

::*> network interface failover-groups remove-targets -vserver naXXXX -failover-group -targets naXXXXX-02:e0M

Error: command failed: Failover group "" cannot be modified because it is automatically generated by broadcast domain "".


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