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Can files in a SnapLock volume be deleted before the volume expiry time?

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • SnapLock


Yes. SnapLock retention is enforced at the file level. A volume's expiry time is based on its file(s) with the longest retention.
File "f12" can be deleted because it has expired(2015), even though the volume expiry time is 2025.

cluster1::> volume file retention show -vserver vs1 -file /vol/vol_slc/f12

                                   Vserver : vs1
                                      Path : /vol/nfs_slc/f12
          Retention Time (Secs from Epoch) : 1439111404
                  Formatted Retention Time : Sun Aug  9 09:10:04 GMT 2015
              Is Retention Time Wraparound : false

cluster1::> volume snaplock show -vserver vs1 -volume vol_slc

                 Vserver Name: vs1
                  Volume Name: vol_slc
                SnapLock Type: compliance
     Minimum Retention Period: 1 years
     Default Retention Period: max
     Maximum Retention Period: 30 years
            Autocommit Period: 12 hours
Is Volume Append Mode Enabled: false
            Privileged Delete: permanently-disabled
                  Expiry Time: Thu May 11 14:37:2 GMT 2025

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