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Vol move not progressing, Deduplication is not ready for volmove cutover

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Storage efficiency


  • Volume move is stuck in replication phase and does not progress  

::*> vol move show -instance
Vserver Name: svm1
Volume Name: volume1
Volume Instance UUID: f5c831f1-87df-4494-9b3c-2508f8e5b658
Actual Completion Time: -
Bytes Remaining: 264.2GB
Bytes Sent: 28.04TB
Status Code: -
Completion String: -
Specified Action For Cutover: retry_on_failure
Percentage Complete: 98%
Move Phase: replicating
Prior Issues Encountered: 10/25/2021 13:04:24 : Preparing source volume for cutover: Deduplication is not ready for volmove cutover
10/25/2021 13:03:16 : The estimated time to complete cutover is greater than the cutover window that can be tolerated by the user
10/25/2021 11:49:51 : Volume is not quiesced
10/25/2021 11:46:49 : The estimated time to complete cutover is greater than the cutover window that can be tolerated by the user
10/25/2021 11:45:41 : Volume is not quiesced

  • In /mroot/etc/log/sis.log
Thu Oct 21 10:00:00 MDT 2021 [Vserver UUID: 09d34037-342a-11e7-a5b3-00a0985e9ae7] /vol/volume1 [sid: 0] Error (A volume move operation is in progress. Use the "volume move show" command to view the status of the move. Retry this command when the move is complete. )
  • Volume efficiency is not running but inline efficiencies are enabled:

::*> volume efficiency show -vserver svm1 -volume volume1
                                       Vserver Name: svm1
                                       Volume Name: volume1
                                       Volume Path: /vol/volume1
                                             State: Enabled
                                        Auto State: -
                                            Status: Idle
                                          Progress: Idle for 118:04:53
                                     Inline Dedupe: true
                                   Data Compaction: true
                 Cross Volume Inline Deduplication: true
                               Application IO Size: 8K
                             Compression Algorithm: lzopro
             Cross Volume Background Deduplication: true
                          Extended Compressed Data: true
      Volume has auto adaptive compression savings: false
            Volume doing auto adaptive compression: false

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