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Brocade DCX 8510-8 WWN card inaccessible

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Applies to

  • Brocade DCX 8510-8
  • Fabric OS (FOS) v8.2.3d


  • errdump shows problem with WWN card:
[EM-1220], 474, SLOT 7 | CHASSIS, ERROR, Brocade_DCX, A problem (Error:34) has been detected on one or both WWN cards. Please run the wwnrecover tool to get more information and recov
  • In chassisshow a WWN card is marked as being inaccessible:
WWN  Unit: 2*
Header Version:       2
Power Consume Factor: -1W
Factory Part Num:      60-1003060-01
Factory Serial Num:    AJXXXXXXXXX
Manufacture:           Day: 31  Month: 10  Year: 2017
Update:                Day:  1  Month:  5  Year: 2024
Time Alive:            124 days
Time Awake:            26 days
Chassis Factory Serial Num: AFYXXXXXXXX
* = No system control access to FRU
WWN data manager state: CF_COPY
  • In slotshow the WWN card is also inaccessible:
2     WWN CARD            FLTY p=0000103 r=20008 h=00*
* = No system control access to slot.
  • FOS is on v8.2.3c1 or higher:
firmwareshow -v:
Slot Name       Appl     Primary/Secondary Versions               Status
6  CP0        FOS      v8.2.3d                                  STANDBY
7  CP1        FOS      v8.2.3d                                  ACTIVE *
  • WWN shown by licenseidshow matches with wwn or switchshow outputs:
sw:FID128:root> licenseidshow
sw:FID128:root> wwn
  • Running wwnrecover fails:
sw:FID128:root> wwnrecover
WWN Discrepancies (Error:34) detected.
Please attempt recovery of these errors (where possible)
by navigating to the required recovery selection
from the following WWN Recovery Options Menu.
Please note that in the event of a mismatch in the LicenseIds,
between WWN1 and WWN2 cards, wwn recovery may not be possible.
In this case a factory programmed card with a matching LicenseId
must be used, as a replacement card, to complete the wwn recovery.
WWN Critical Seeprom 2 is Inaccessible or Corrupted.
WWN Seeprom Problem Details
WWN 2 Critical Seeprom: Read Failed.
Internal error: inconsistent WWN API return values
Recovery is not possible. Please contact Brocade Technical Support for replacement of the inaccessible WWN(s).
  • Issue persists after hafailover

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