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Controller reboot after vdmRecoverAllRAIDVols

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Applies to

  • NetApp E-Series
  • SANtricity OS 11.60


  • One or more volume failure due to power loss
  • One or both controllers reboot after running vdmRecoverAllRAIDVols
-> vdmRecoverAllRAIDVols 1,1
* In order to properly recover cache for the failed volumes, it is    *
* necessary to reboot both  controllers simultaneously before running *
* vdmRecoverAllRAIDVols. If alt controller is already held in reset,  *
* just reboot this controller.                                        *
* NOTE: Depending on the failure condition, vdmRecoverAllRAIDVols     *
*       may need to be executed multiple times in order to recover all*
*       failed volumes.                                               *
Have controllers been rebooted since volumes failed? (Y/N): y
vdmRecoverAllRAIDVols started in a background task.  Please wait...
*************************** PieceManager OOS Pieces **********************
value = 0 = 0x0
MM/DD/YY-hh:mm:ss (raidSched1): WARN:  taskMgmtReqrcvd(Abort Task Set (0x2)): channel:6 from host: HOST1P0 tditn: 3 lun: x04 AbortTag: x177b ManagedTag: x0000
MM/DD/YY-hh:mm:ss (vdmRecov): NOTE:  moveFailedPiecesToPlaceHolder: moved 33641 CPieces for ssid 0x7 (ok) totalCStripes=51200 Degraded 6827 Critical 13407
Reboot due to ancient IO, scsiOp=0x1431d7bc0 poolId=1 opCode=9e

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