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What Support Data does NetApp need for StorageGRID performance troubleshooting?

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NetApp StorageGRID


This assumes the troubleshooting steps in Knowledge Base Article(KB) How to troubleshoot StorageGRID performance issues are already performed. If this has not been completed, refer to this KB first before opening a technical support case.

In order to troubleshoot StorageGRID performance related issues, please provide as much detail as possible (when applicable) to benefit the troubleshooting process. Upload any attachments or logs to the case from below list:

Gather and upload the following files:

  • Log Bundle 1: Collect a Support Bundle (Lumberjack log) - When the performance issue was observed (last 2 hours)
  • Log Bundle 2: Collect a Support Bundle (Lumberjack log) - When the performance issue was not yet observed (2 hour period)
    • Do this for the same timestamp
    • For 11.6 versions, select Application logs, Audit logs, Network Trace
    • For 11.6 specifically, also gather 24 hours of data for "Prometheus Database" specifically
    • For example:
      • Performance issue started at 13:00 on 10/01/2023
      • Log bundle 1: dd/mm/yy 10/01/2023 - 11:00 to 13:00
      • Log bundle 2: dd/mm/yy 09/01/2023 - 11:00 to 13:00

Answer the following questions regarding the performance issue:

  • Which site is affected
  • Which tenant is affected
  • Which bucket is affected
  • What is the expected performance
  • What is the performance issue related to, if known (Network, Cassandra, Hardware, ILM etc)
  • When did the performance issue start? Provide date and/or timestamp.
  • List any changes made to the system when the performance issue started. For example: Software upgrades or ILM changes
  • Where the performance issue is being seen?
  • If the performance issue is constant or intermittent?
  • If the performance issue is during certain times or the day or during certain I/O loads (such as a Veeam or Commvault backup window)?
  • GETs or PUTs performance issues?
  • Any other details that are worth sharing about the performance issue

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