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Where are the troubleshooting logs for Virtual Storage Console, VASA, and Storage Replication Adapter?

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Applies to

  • Virtual Storage Console 7.x, 9.x
  • VASA 7.x, 9.x
  • Storage Replication Adapter 7.x, 9.x


The following covers:

  • Where to locate logs if you were to use the diagnostics shell of the appliance
  • The purpose of each log

Note: To collect a log bundle that contains the following log files, please see How to gather logs for the Virtual Storage Console (VSC) plugin 7.x / 9.x using the vSphere WebClient / HTML5 UI

Logs for Virtual Storage Console are located at /opt/netapp/vscserver/log. A summary of what those logs contain are:

Log File Purpose
discovery.log Log file which logs cluster discovery related information.
kamino.log Log file which logs datastore provisioning related information, for example, creating  datastore, creating a flexvol for datastore, vvol datastore, storage container information etc.
nvpf.log Log file which contains vCenter registration information, vCenter related communication, managing VSC subplugins (kamino, san_host_plugins).
out.log Server startup information, VSC general logs, mainly used for troublesooting, errors/exceptions within the system, etc.
requests-yyyy_mm_dd Logs all incoming requests to the VSC appliance from vCenter.
server-started.txt Jetty start/stop information, indicates whether Jetty server is running or not.
vsc.log All cluster discovery related information, traditional datastore related information, general information related to appliance, useful for troubleshooting.
vscserver-rc.log Service startup history.
vvolvp.log When VASA Provider is enabled, this log contains information about cluster push and delete to the VP server. Captures communication between VSC and VP.


Logs related to VASA and Storage Replication Adapter are located at /opt/netapp/vpserver/logs. A summary of what those logs contain are:

Log File Purpose
zapi.log Logs all ZAPIs fired by VP to Ontap.
zapi_error.log Logs all ZAPIs that failed to retrieve data from Ontap with ApiFailedException.
derby*.log Logs all Derby database information.
error.log Logs all exceptions and errors in VASA Provider, useful for troubleshooting.
sra.log Logs for SRA server related information, SRM requests and repsonses.
vvolvp.log Most important file for troubleshooting, master of all vvolvp logs. Everything is logged here for debug purposes.


Files related to configuration and stored discovery data are located at /opt/netapp/vscserver/etc/vsc. Those configuration files include:

File Purpose
ehuSettings.xml The file contains the details of Netapp recommended ESXi Host and Other ONTAP Settings.
VscControllers.xml This file contains the details of storage controllers added through VSC.
VscHosts.xml This file contains the details of ESXi Hosts managed by vCenter and that are available for VSC operations.
vscv.xml File which contains ONTAP RBAC roles that are required for a Cluster or SVM user in order to perform certain VSC operations through the UI. These roles are defined for cluster and direct SVM admins.


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