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SRA: Unmapped LUNs may affect device discovery

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Applies to

  • Site Recovery Manager (SRM)
  • Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) 4.0P1, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2


When running a device discovery operation in Site Recovery Manager (SRM) the following errors may be seen:

'XmlValidateException' error:

Site Recovery Manager (SRM)

Reviewing the discoverDevices response in the SRM logs shows that no SourceDevice is returned and that an XML parsing error is thrown immediately after the XML output is received:

2018-07-11T18:25:11.524Z verbose vmware-dr[06540] [Originator@6876 sub=SraCommand opID=150eed55] discoverDevices responded with:
--> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><Response xmlns="" xmlns:replication="" xmlns:foo="">
-->         <ReplicatedDevices>
-->             <ConsistencyGroups>
-->                 <ConsistencyGroup id="//svm1/CG_vol01" state="read-write">
-->                     <SourceDevices></SourceDevices>
-->                     <TargetGroup key="//svm2/CG_vol01_mirror"></TargetGroup>
-->                 </ConsistencyGroup>
-->             </ConsistencyGroups>
-->             <SourceDevices>
-->                 <SourceDevice id="//svm1/nfs1" state="read-write">
-->                     <Identity>
-->                         <NfsName>/nfs1</NfsName>
-->                     </Identity>
-->                     <TargetDevice key="//svm2/nfs1_dr"></TargetDevice>
-->                 </SourceDevice>
-->             </SourceDevices>
-->             <StoragePorts>
-->                 <StoragePort id="" type="NFS"></StoragePort>
-->             </StoragePorts>
-->             <TargetDevices>
-->                 <TargetDevice key="//svm1/nfs2_dr"></TargetDevice>
-->             </TargetDevices>
-->         </ReplicatedDevices>
-->         <Warnings>
-->             <Warning code="2067"></Warning>
-->             <Warning code="2067"></Warning>
-->         </Warnings>
-->     </Response>
2018-07-11T18:25:11.529Z error vmware-dr[06540] [Originator@6876 sub=Storage opID=150eed55] XML parsing error in 'buffer' at (6, 52): empty content is not valid for content model '(SourceDevice+)'


'Unable to find a matching device' error:

Storage Replication Adapter

Reviewing the discoverDevices response in the SRM logs shows that a peer device could not be found for the device called out in the "Unable to find a matching device" error.  This is despite the fact that the array device is in a healthy snapmirror relationship:

2018-07-30T15:48:26.871Z verbose vmware-dr[03852] [Originator@6876 sub=Storage] Dr::Storage::VmomiLayer::StretchedDatastoreMonitor::PeerArrayPairPropertiesChanged: Received an update for peer array pair, local array pair MoRef=[], deleted=false, changes=
--> (vmodl.query.PropertyCollector.Change) [
-->    (vmodl.query.PropertyCollector.Change) {
-->       name = "device",
-->       op = "assign",
-->       val = ( [
-->          ( {
-->             id = "//svm2/Unmapped_mirror/unmapped_lun",
-->             name = <unset>,
-->             stretchedStorage = false,
-->             staticSitePreference = <unset>,
-->             peerId = <unset>,
-->             peerName = <unset>,
-->             groupId = <unset>,
-->             groupName = <unset>,
-->             peerGroupId = <unset>,
-->             peerGroupName = <unset>,
-->             role = "target",
-->             targetKey = <unset>,
-->             snapshot = ( null,
-->             details = <unset>,
-->             queryDetailsFault = (vmodl.MethodFault) null,
-->             replicationSettings = <unset>,
-->             queryReplicationSettingsFault = (vmodl.MethodFault) null
-->          }
-->       ]
-->    }
--> ]

The 'Unmapped' volume is in a healthy snapmirror relationship:

cluster2::> snapmirror show
Source            Destination Mirror  Relationship   Total             Last
Path        Type  Path        State   Status         Progress  Healthy Updated
----------- ---- ------------ ------- -------------- --------- ------- --------
            XDP  svm2:Unmapped_mirror
                                      Idle           -         true    -

'No SnapMirror relationship found' error:

When the volume include field is populated in array manager, then the following "No SnapMirror relationship found" error may be seen during device discovery:

Storage Replication Adapter


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