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What version of Active IQ Unified Manager first deprecated v1 APIs?

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Active IQ Unified Manager


Active IQ Unified Manager 9.7 is the first release to deprecate v1 APIs. Each subsequent Active IQ Unified Manager release has documentation noting that v1 APIs are deprecated.

Public REST APIs to support storage management and workload provisioning A new set of REST APIs are available in this release that enable you to monitor and manage data center objects, monitor asynchronous API processes, and provision and manage workloads based on service level objectives (SLO) policies. The Unified Manager REST APIs can be consumed by RESTful web applications interfacing with Unified Manager. The APIs can be accessed from any web browser or programming platform that can issue HTTP requests. You should use the latest version of the API; the current API version is v2, accessible at https://<hostname:port>/api/v2. API version v1 has been deprecated in this release. Along with the datacenter, management-server, and storage-provider categories of APIs offered in the RC release, three more categories of APIs have been introduced in GA: administration, gateway, and security.

Note: As part of a general ONTAP-wide REST API standardization process, Unified Manager 9.6 removed all of its public REST APIs. Unified Manager 9.7 has reintroduced public REST APIs which are aligned syntactically and grammatically with those found in ONTAP 9.6 and greater. APIs available in earlier releases of Unified Manager are not compatible with those in Unified Manager 9.7 and greater.

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