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FAQ about Python version in Active IQ Unified Manager

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Applies to

  • Active IQ Unified Manager (AIQUM)
  • vApp (virtual Appliance)
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




  • What Python version working with AIQUM
    • AIQUM and Python version table for 9.11 as an example
      Operating System AIQUM Version Python Version
      Debian 10 (vApp) 9.11 3.7.3
      Linux (CentOS / RHEL) 9.11 3.6.8
      Windows 9.11 3.9.2
  • How to check the Python version in AIQUM server  
    AIQUM Server Operating System Python Version
    Debian (vApp) / RHEL / CentOS
    • python --version
    • python2 --version
    • python3 --version
    • python3.9 --version
    Windows python --version


  • Why we installed Python with AIQUM?
    Questions Answers
    We installed Python with AIQUM, How AIQUM is making its Python calls? Or how AIQUM is calling Python? We bundle Python (3rd party product) along with AIQUM and we call python scripts which are bundled within AIQUM while using below features :-

    a.    Management Actions
    b.    Alert Setup (alerting)
    Can I run AIQUM server without any Python installed in my server? Yes, we can run AIQUM server without python. But, our essential functionality (Management Actions, alerting…Etc) will get impacted and won’t work.
    Uninstalling the older version of Python is going to cause any issues or not? No, uninstalling older versions will not impact nor will cause any issue as AIQUM gets installed with bundled upgraded/newer python version and functionality will continue working with bundled python

    we can uninstall older versions and install new python version manually this will not impact AIQUM functionality and Python will be up and running.
    Did Python in windows server using “python.exe”, or if it’s using the “py.exe” command? AIQUM uses “C:\Program Files\Python3xx\pythonw.exe” (pythonw.exe is a GUI app for launching GUI/no-UI-at-all scripts.) for calling python scripts not “py.exe”.

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