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How do you edit the credentials for an OnCommand Unified Manager cluster data source via command line on a RHEL or vApp installation?

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Applies to

  • OnCommand Unified Manager 7.2+
  • OnCommand Unified Manager 7.3
  • OnCommand Unified Manager 9.4
  • OnCommand Unified Manager 9.5


For OnCommand Unified Manager OVA installations you will first need to gain "diag" access to the command line. Use the following Knowledge Article: How to access the OnCommand Virtual Machine DIAG shell.

  1.  Once in the operating system CLI, use the following commands to authenticate into the UM application CLI with the Unified Manager user account.
  • In Linux and OVA installations it might be nessessary to login as root in order to execute the "um cli login" command. Use the command below to login as root.
sudo bash -login
  • Login to the cli using the command below.
um cli login -u {USERNAME.EN_US}
  1. Print the list of cluster data sources to identify the ID of the entry to be changed.
um datasource list
  1. Finally, modify the data source with the following command, specifying the new username, new password, and the data source ID from the previous output:

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