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Data ONTAP fails to netboot with PANIC: Going nowhere without my init

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Data ONTAP 7 and earlier


When attempting to netboot a storage controller, the following error occurs:

LOADER> netboot tftp://

Loading 0x53b000/3222096 0x84da50/1190096 Entry at 0x80148250


Loading 0xa98de0/513192 0x9f6100/17192 0xb16288/29592 0x9fa428/1272 0xb1d620/3816 0x9fa920/52101 0xa074a8/68971 0xa18218/1464 0xb1e508/4392 0xa187d0/248 0xb1f630/744 0xa188c8/968 0xb1f918/2904 0xa18c90/128 0xb20470/384 0xa18d20/130208 0xb205f0/138168 0xa389c0/425 0xa5c500/8307 0xa98cf1/237 0xa5e578/122136 0xa7c290/117345



Closing network.

Starting program at 0x80148250

NetApp Data ONTAP 8.0.1 7-Mode

md1: Preloaded image <> 124125974 bytes at 0xffffffff80b43000

md2: Preloaded image <> 19233596 bytes

Skipped mounting the CFCARD.

mounting /dev/md1 on /: Invalid argument

init died (signal 0, exit 23655)

PANIC: Going nowhere without my init!

version: NetApp Release 8.0.1: Wed Jan  5 17:23:51 PST 2011

cpuid = 2

Uptime: 16s

coredump: primary dumper unavailable.

coredump: trying secondary dumper...

no tftp server ip specified

netdump: no targets available to dump

coredump: secondary dumper failed -1.

System halting...

cpu_reset called on cpu#1

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