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What's the meaning of mail notification from AWS?

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Applies to

  • NetApp BlueXP
  • Amazon Web Service(AWS)


  • The below email content from AWS means there is a new version connector been updated on the AWS marketplace.
  • It can choose this version to deploy a new connector
  • For the existing deployed connector with internet connected, no need to use this version, it will be updated to the lastest version automatically.
Greetings from AWS Marketplace,
Thank you for subscribing to BlueXP - Manual Installation without access keys.
We are writing to inform you that NetApp, Inc. has added a new version to BlueXP - Manual Installation without access keys on AWS Marketplace. 
As an existing customer, your subscription to the product, any running instances and access to previous versions are unaffected. 
However, NetApp,Inc. does recommend you to update to the latest version, BlueXP - Manual Installation without access keys/ by visiting
For additional questions or upgrade information, please contact NetApp, Inc. directly. Visit the seller's profile page on AWS Marketplace.
Release notes for BlueXP - Manual Installation without access keys/
The release notes for NetApp Cloud Manager can be found at
Thank you,
The AWS Marketplace Team
Visit AWS Marketplace.
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