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Why is the Switch Alias not appearing as expected in OCI or Cloud Insights?

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Applies to

  • OnCommand Insight (OCI)
  • Cloud Insights (CI)
  • Brocade Switch


  • Each Brocade SSH/CLI datasource has a field "Choose Favoring HBA vs Zone Aliases". 
    • Default is "HostBusAdapter". 
    • When using HostBusAdapter OCI and CI will prefer to report as Switch Alias.
    • OCI/CI will perform a best attempt at parsing the hostname from the switch alias data for that WWNN. 
  • When using Zone Aliases, OCI will collect zone information from the switch. 
    • OCI will perform a best attempt at parsing the hostname from the zonealias data for that WWNN.
  • There is not much standardization for what metadata gets sent to the FC Name Server table 
    • Some hosts (most Windows and Linux) will send their HBA model, firmware, driver data, and often the simple hostname. 
    • Other hosts (HPUX, etc) only send hostname and OS version. 
    • OCI/CI makes a best effort to parse this data to report HBA details.
  • What OCI pulls for hostname from the FC Name Server may be more accurate than manually created switch aliases within Brocade FOS.
    • If the switch alias column is empty, the switch alias is not defined on the brocade switch.
    • To resolve this the admin can change Brocade datasources from HostBusAdapter to ZoneAlias


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