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H500E compute node hangs

Applies to

  • H500E-2x4-P
  • Mellanox NIC running firmware 14.17.2020


Compute node H500E-2x4-P hangs and does not provide service properly.

In the vmkernel.log file, the following traces can be found:

2020-03-08T11:06:40.541Z cpu29:66164)WARNING: <NMLX_WRN> nmlx_WaitForCompletion: vmk_WorldWait - timed out waiting
2020-03-08T11:06:40.541Z cpu29:66164)WARNING: <NMLX_WRN> NMLX5_CMD_OP_ACCESS_REG(0x805) timeout. Will cause a leak of a command resource





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