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What are the port states in storage show expander output?

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • DS2246
  • DS4246


How can the port state output of storage show expander from the Data ONTAP command line be deciphered?

The following port states can be used by Data ONTAP to describe the status of a PHY port:

  • OK - PHY is functioning normally
  • EMPTY - No drive is present in bay or no cable present for host ports
  • DIS/INVWD - PHY disabled due to excessive Dword errors
  • DIS/DISPA -  PHY disabled due to excessive disparity errors
  • DIS/LOSWD - PHY disabled due to loss of DWord synchronization
  • DIS/RESET - PHY disabled due to excessive PHY Reset Problem errors
  • DIS/CRC - PHY disabled due to excessive CRC errors
  • DIS/PHCHG - PHY disabled due to excessive phy change events
  • DIS/MIR - PHY disabled due to cluster Mirror bit being set (check partner)
  • DIS/RESV* - PHY disabled to emulate SCSI RESERVE
  • DIS/MAN - PHY was manually disabled (Mfg. test only)
  • DIS/CLK - PHY was disabled due to expander reference clock error.
  • DIS/UNKWN - PHY awaiting initialization by expander firmware.
  • DIS/UNUSD - PHY disabled and unused (Reserved for future use)
  • ???:0xXX - Unable to decode port state XX.


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