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NetApp Response to Russia-Ukraine Cyber Threat
In response to the recent rise in cyber threat due to the Russian-Ukraine crisis, NetApp is actively monitoring the global security intelligence and updating our cybersecurity measures. We follow U.S. Federal Government guidance and remain on high alert. Customers are encouraged to monitor the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security (CISA) website for new information as it develops and remain on high alert.
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E-Series DBM Backup AutoSupport could not be delivered starting on 9/30/20

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • E-Series E2800, E5700 and EF600 platforms.
  • StorageGRID Appliances SG57xx and SG6000 series.
  • E-Series DBM Backup AutoSupport.
    • Note: E-Series daily, weekly and critical AutoSupports are not affected by this issue.
  • AutoSupport  (ASUP) could not be delivered email alerts started on 9/30/20.


  • Users are receiving an ASUP message could not be delivered. Alerts started around 9/30 and continues on daily basis.

An ASUP message could not be delivered from the array management host eos-x to NetApp ASUP https gateway

  • E-Series AutoSupport transmission logs (asup-transmission-logs.txt) indicate ASUP delivery failed with HTTP status code 500 return.

9/31/20 22:30:59 UTC -> Priority:CRITICAL, ASUP Message Type:AOD Request, ASUP Task Type:Delivery Retry, Status:FAILED, Storage Array:, SAID:6D039EA0001A6D3A00000000XXXXXXXX, Chassis Serial Number:XXXXXXXXXXXX, Thread ID:234,412, Delivery Method:HTTPS, Sequence Number:24, Delivery, AutoSupport Decompressed Size:N/A, Total Collection Time:N/A, Message:AutoSupport message delivery failed. Server returned HTTP status code: 500.

  • E-Series Web server logs (web-server-trace-log-X.7z) indicate DBM ASUP could not be delivered with HTTP status code 500 return.

2020-09-31 22:30:45,341 INFO [SMMonitorTask-431] trace [] [requestId=0, deviceId=N/A] Reading file '/msw_data/data/monitor/supportdata/pending/BUNDLE.Dbmfile.6D039EA0001A6D3A00000000XXXXXXXX..1601545736357.7z' and writing to output stream
2020-10-01 22:30:59,758 ERROR [SMMonitorTask-431] trace [] [requestId=0, deviceId=N/A] ASUP message upload failed, status code 500
Caller+0                at smmonitor.asup.ASUPHTTPClient.dispatchASUPMessage(
Caller+1                at smmonitor.asup.ASUPTask.dispatchAutoSupportBundle(
Caller+2                at smmonitor.asup.ASUPTask.doTaskOperation(
Caller+3                at smmonitor.asup.ASUPTask.doTask(
Caller+4                at smmonitor.asup.ASUPTask.doTask(
2020-10-01 12:30:59,759 ERROR [SMMonitorTask-431] trace [] [requestId=0, deviceId=N/A] Dispatching ASUP Bundle is failed


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