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What ports need to be open for various protocol access to the storage system and which port numbers are used for communications?

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The following ports are most commonly used ports for protocol access to the storage system.

A full list is available at ONTAP port usage on a storage system.

SERVICE                  PORT            PROTOCOL                      DESCRIPTION

ssh            22        tcp             SSH
telnet         23        tcp             Remote login (unsecure)
smtp           25        tcp             outbound connections for autosupport
time           37        tcp and udp     Time Service
domain         53        udp             DNS
domain         53        tcp             DNS
dhcps          67        udp             DHCP server - outbound only
dhcp           68        udp             DHCP client - only first-time setup
tftp           69        udp             Trivial FTP - for netboot support
http           80        tcp             HTTP server(3)
kerberos       88        tcp and ddp     Kerberos 5 - outbound only
portmap       111        tcp and udp     aka rpcbind, used for NFS
nntp          119        tcp             unused, shouldn't be listed here.
ntp           123        tcp             Network Time Protocol
ntp           123        udp             Network Time Protocol
netbios-name  137        udp             NetBIOS nameserver - for CIFS(1)
netbios-dg    138        udp             NetBIOS datagram service - for CIFS
netbios-ssn   139        tcp             NetBIOS service session - for CIFS
ssl           443        tcp             SystemManager
cifs-tcp      445        tcp             CIFS over TCP with NetBIOS framing
kerberos      464        tcp and udp     Kerberos Key administration. Port necessary for CIFS to work properly in ONTAP cluster mode.
snmp          161        udp             For Data Fabric Manager or other such tools
shell         514        tcp             rsh, insecure remote command execution
syslog        514        udp             outbound only
route         520        udp             for RIP routing protocol
kerberos-sec  750        tcp and udp     outbound only, if at all
nfsd         2049        tcp or udp      primary NFS service
ndmp        10000        tcp             for network backups
snapmirror  10565-9      tcp             (7 mode)
snapvault   10566        tcp
snapmirror  11004        tcp             snapmirror
snapmirror  11005        tcp             snapmirror

Additional Information

For a list of ports used by OnCommand Unified Manager, see the section Designated ports for the OnCommand Host Package in the OnCommand Unified Manager Installation and Setup Guide for Use with Core Package 5.1 and Host Package 1.2.