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What are the restrictions with FlexGroup volumes and NAE?

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • NetApp ONTAP FlexGroup
  • NetApp Volume Encryption (NVE)
  • NetApp Aggregate Encryption (NAE)


The following restrictions are for FG create, rekey/conversion, and expand:

FG create

  • Encrypted volume create operation will be allowed only if all the destination aggrs are of same encryption-type (NAE or non-NAE), Mix is not allowed.
  • Plain-text FG volume create is not allowed on NAE-aggrs.
  • NVE volume can be created on mix of NAE aggr and non-NAE.
  • If “-encrypt true” is specified, then all the constituent volumes will be of type NVE. Destination aggrs can be of mix of NAE aggr and non-NAE.
  • “-encrypt false” is not supported.
  • If nothing is specified, then it wil create NAE volumes on desitnation NAE aggrs.

FG rekey/conversion

  • If any of the constituent volume is of NAE type, then inplace rekey/conversion is not allowed. The constituent volumes of NAE type have to be converted to the volume type of NVE rest through vol-move. Only then rekey/conversion is allowed.

FG expand

  • Adding more members to the existing FG(NAE aggr) is allowed only if new dest aggregate is NAE. It will fail if new dest aggr is non-NAE.


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