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What are the implications of renaming an SVM in clustered Data ONTAP?

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Applies to

  • Clustered Data ONTAP 8


  1. It will not be possible to rename an SVM/Vserver if it is already in a Vserver peer relationship. It is required to first delete the peer relationship and then delete the Vserver peer relationship by running the following command:
    ::> vserver peer delete -vserver <local vserver name> -peer-vserver <vserver peer name>
  2. It is not possible to delete the SVM/Vserver peer relationship if there is a SnapMirror/s set up.
    1. For DP, LS & XDP mirrors, delete the SnapMirror relationship from the destination Vserver volume by running the following command:
      ::>snapmirror delete -destination-path vserver_name:volume_name
    2. Release the SnapMirror relationship from the source Vserver volume:
      ::> snapmirror release -destination-path vserver_name:volume_name  â??relationship-info-only true
      (Note: Running a release on a SnapMirror relationship with the flag â??relationship-info-only true does not delete any source or destination Snapshots).
  3. Confirm there are no relationships pointing to the remote peer vServer:
    ::> snapmirror show
    ::> snapmirror list-destinations
  4. Renaming the SVM/Vserver does not change volume names. Thus, if you have the named intuitively, change them (for example, vs1_root).
  5. Volume names cannot contain special characters like '.', because your SVM/Vserver is named vs1.vcluster1vs1.vcluster1_root cannot be a volume name. As a corollary to this, if you use System Manager 3.0 to create a SnapMirror of a simple 'vol1' on a source SVM/Vserver of vs1.vcluster1, it will by default attempt to create the destination volume as 'vs1.cluster1_vol1_data_protection', which is an invalid volume name. An error will be reported until you change the volume name.
  6. Once the Vserver and/or volumes are renamed, you can perform the following:
    1. Recreate the Vserver peer relationship.
    2. Re-establish the SnapMirror relationship at the destination with the new Vserver name.
    3. Resync the SnapMirror relationship from the source Vserver.

Note: Renaming an SVM in clustered Data ONTAP is not a 'cifs server netbios name change'.

Additional Information

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