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Volume efficiency policy cannot be modified and volume cannot be promoted

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ONTAP 9.3 and later


  • Volume efficiency (deduplication) jobs are not running on a volume and any attempt to modify the volume efficiency options fails:

Cluster01::> volume efficiency modify -vserver svm1 -volume vol1 -policy auto

Error: command failed: Failed to modify efficiency configuration for volume "vol1" of Vserver "svm1": Cannot perform efficiency operations on deprioritized volume.  To be able to perform efficiency operations, run "volume efficiency promote" command first.  If there are active SIS operations then use the "volume efficiency stop -all true -vserver * -volume *" command to stop all efficiency operations on all volumes in the cluster.

  • Running volume efficiency promote as suggested returns the following:

Cluster01::> volume efficiency promote -vserver svm1 -volume vol1

Error: command failed; Cannot promote volume "vol1" because the efficiency policy associated with the volume is not auto policy.

  • Checking the volume options shows there is no schedule or efficiency policy configured:

Cluster01::> volume efficiency show -vserver svm1 -volume vol1 -instance

          Vserver Name: svm1
           Volume Name: vol1
                 State: Enabled
                Status: Idle
              Schedule: -
Efficiency Policy Name: -



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