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How to set up DNS load balancing in ONTAP

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Clustered Data ONTAP 8
  • Setup Configuration


Video Presentation on DNS load balancing in ONTAP (YouTube)


Domain Name System (DNS) load balancing is a method by which administrators can be sure that clients accessing SVM Data LIFs are accessing them in a manner that does not overload individual LIFs.

The following two methods can be performed:

  • Round Robin DNS (External DNS configuration)
  • On-Box DNS load balancing

With On-Box DNS, conditional forwarders or delegations can be leveraged.

A forwarder is a DNS server on a network used to forward DNS queries for external DNS names to DNS servers outside that network. You can also forward queries according to specific domain names using conditional forwarders.

A conditional forwarder is a DNS server on a network that is used to forward DNS queries according to the DNS domain name in the query. For example, a DNS server can be configured to forward all the queries it receives for names ending with to the IP address of a specific DNS server, or to the IP addresses of multiple DNS servers.

DNS delegation *must* be used if configuring an SVM to use a DNS domain that is in the same tree as an existing zone.

For example, if you want to use in my domain, you can use a DNS delegation.


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