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How to create a custom Performance Preset for Performance Archives

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Cluster ONTAP 8.3+


This article is designed to guide you through the creation and installation of a custom Performance Preset.
Note: Each preset is created to collect a specific data set for troubleshooting purposes. This process should be followed at the direction of NetApp Technical Support.

  • A statistics preset declares a list of one or more performance object names and a list of counter names (for each object).
  • Preset configurations for Performance Archive dictate sample periods for each counter
  • Preset use the counters contained and organized within the Counter Manager (CM) framework.
  • CM contains performance metrics in a structured hierarchical format: object:instance:counter:value
    • Object - Basic Unit/Subject section of data collection, such as volume
    • Instance - Specific data unit, such as the volume name, vol10
    • Counter - The data point being gathered from within that object, such as avg_latency
    • Value - The data collected such as 1120us
    • An example of a CM performance metric would be:  volume:vol10:avg_latency:1120us
  • When specifying a custom preset, only object and counter need to be defined. 
    • The instance and value data is collected automatically, and does not need to be specified as a part of a preset.





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