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How to collect WAFLTOP output from CLI

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Applies to

  • Data ONTAP 8 7-Mode 
  • Clustered DATA ONTAP 8.3 
  • ONTAP 9.0 and later


  • wafltop is used to collect low-level WAFL performance data on a per-volume basis.
  • It may be used if using 7-mode (in place of qos statistics) or if qos statistics cannot help identify CPU or disk utilization latency sources.
  • It tracks utilization of the following resources:
    • CPU
    • Disk I/O
    • Memory
    • NVLOG utilization
  • The format of the volume name will be: aggregate:volume:protocol:message in the out:
    • aggregate is specifically the name of the Aggregate the Volume resides in.
    • volume is the name of the FlexVol.
    • protocol refers to frontend CIFS, FCP, iSCSI, or NFS, or backend protocols like spinvfs, dense, walloc, zombie, or other.
      • walloc is write allocator
      • dense refers to deduplication/storage efficiency
      • zombie refers to deletions
      • other is a catchall for any other internal operations, such as WAFL scanners
      • spinnp refers to Clustered/ONTAP 9 protocol workloads
      • There may be others but these will cover any situation that is likely to be encountered.
    • message is an internal WAFL message, but is only meant to be used by NetApp Employees only
      • There may be a few things that can be seen such as:
        • backdoor refers to some internal WAFL operations that may not be classified in other operation types, but are background in nature
          • Example: A FlexClone is being split
        • file_io refers to anything passing to/from disk
    • If a volume has a frontend protocol infront of it, then user workload is referred to.
  • CPU Utilization - Collected for kahuna, wafl_exempt, xcleaner domains. CPU utilization refers to the percentage of CPU cycles used.
  • Latency histograms - System (internal) and client latency.
  • Disk I/O operations - Reads and writes from disk in MB and in terms of RAID messages.
  • NVLog utilization - NVLog utilization for normal Consistency Points (CPs) and back-to-back CPs (b2b CPs). NVlog utilization is shown in terms of average percentage of the log used per CP.
  • Memory utilization(Debug only) - shows buffer cache and inode cache usage in terms of MB used.
    • Note: Not meant to be used for performance troubleshooting, but only by NetApp Engineering.
  • I/O Utilization- I/O utilization refers to the amount of data read or written in MB/s.




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