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How does the FabricPool inactive data reporting work?

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9.6
  • FabricPool
  • Inactive Data Reporting (IDR)


  1. To verify that IDR is enabled on the aggregates, use the command storage aggregate show -fields is-inactive-data-reporting-enabled
cluster1::> storage aggregate show -fields is-inactive-data-reporting-enabled
aggregate         is-inactive-data-reporting-enabled
----------------- ----------------------------------
aggr0_cluster1_01 false
aggr0_cluster1_02 false
cluster1_01_SSD_1 false
cluster1_02_SSD_1 false
4 entries were displayed.
  1. If IDR is not enabled, use the command storage aggregate modify -aggregate <aggr_name> -is-inactive-data-reporting-enabled true to turn on inactive data reporting. 
  2. To display how much data is inactive on a volume, use the AutoSupport section VOLUME.XML or  volume show  command with the -fields performance-tier-inactive-user-data,performance-tier-inactive-user-data-percent parameter
cluster1::> volume show -fields performance-tier-inactive-user-data,performance-tier-inactive-user-data-percent

vserver volume performance-tier-inactive-user-data performance-tier-inactive-user-data-percent
------- ------ ----------------------------------- -------------------------------------------
vsim1   vol0   0B                                  0%                     
vs1     vs1rv1 0B                                  0%                     
vs1     vv1    10.34MB                             0%                     
vs1     vv2    10.38MB                             0%                     
4 entries were displayed.
  • The performance-tier-inactive-user-data field displays how much user data stored in the aggregate is inactive
  • The performance-tier-inactive-user-data-percent field displays what percent of the data is inactive across the active file system and Snapshot copies
  1. To display how much data is stored in the performance and cloud tiers for FabricPool per volume you run the command  volume show-footprint  or use AutoSupport section  VOL STATUS -F 

Example :

cluster1::> volume show-footprint -volume vol1

Vserver : SVM1
Volume : vol1

      Feature                                           Used      Used%
      --------------------------------      ----------------      -----
      Volume Data Footprint                            183GB         1%
         Footprint in Performance Tier                8.85GB         5%
         Footprint in StorageAccount                   174GB        95%
      Flexible Volume Metadata                        1.04GB         0%
      Delayed Frees                                   28.8MB         0%

      Total                                            184GB         1%

Additional Information

  • Determining how much data in a volume is inactive by using inactive data reporting
  • Monitoring the space utilization for FabricPool
  • Available since ONTAP version 9.4, IDR provides an easier way to determine how much inactive, cold data is available on each ONTAP aggregate and volume
  • IDR is automatically enabled on all SSD aggregates on ONTAP 9.6 (and above), as well as on all FabricPool aggregates from ONTAP 9.4 onwards. Starting with ONTAP 9.6, IDR can be enabled on all other aggregates (including HDD aggregates) as well.
  • Once enabled, IDR monitors the underlying data access across a fixed 31-day cooling period to determine which data is considered inactive.
  • Starting with ONTAP 9.8 the cooling period used by IDR can be adjusted for auto and snapshot-only tiering policies.
  • Once identified, the size of this data can be visible on a per-aggregate and a per-volume basis

Reference: NetApp Cloud Tiering and InActive Data Reporting    


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