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How do I check the HBA and link speed from a Solaris Host?

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Applies to

  • Solaris OS
  • SAN Protocol


  • Use the sanlun fcp show adapter -v <adapter> command to display information about the HBA:
# sanlun fcp show adapter -v lpfc1
lpfc1 WWPN:10000000fedcba98 
WWNN: 20000000fedcba98 
driver name: lpfc 
model: LP9002 
model description: Emulex LightPulse LP9002 2 Gigabit PCI Fibre Channel Adapter 
serial number: 0000c92bfe6a 
hardware version: 2002606d 
driver version: 5.00e; HBAAPI v1.3, 3-29-02 
firmware version: 3.90A7 (C2D3.90A7) 
Number of ports: 1 
port type: Fabric 
port state: Operational 
supported speed: 2 GBit/sec 
negotiated speed: 2 GBit/sec 
OS device name: /devices/pci@8,700000/fibre-channel@3


  • For hosts that do not have the Solaris Host Utilities Kit installed, similar information can be found using the fcinfo hba-port -l command:
BA Port WWN: 10000000fedcba98
OS Device Name: /dev/cfg/c3
Manufacturer: Emulex
Model: LPe12002-S
Firmware Version: 1.00a12 (U3D1.00A12)
FCode/BIOS Version: Boot:5.03a0 Fcode:3.01a1
Serial Number: 4925382+12450000M8
Driver Name: emlxs
Driver Version: (2014.
Type: N-port
State: online
Supported Speeds: 2Gb 4Gb 8Gb 
Current Speed: 4Gb 
Node WWN: 20000000fedcba98
Link Error Statistics:
Link Failure Count: 1
Loss of Sync Count: 144
Loss of Signal Count: 0
Primitive Seq Protocol Error Count: 0
Invalid Tx Word Count: 7770
Invalid CRC Count: 0

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