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Command "snapshot compute-reclaimable" results in error: "Cannot determine the status of Snapshot copy reclaimable operation on volume"

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Commands for displaying space usage information:

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The amount of disk space that would be reclaimed if you deleted a specific Snapshot copy

volume snapshot compute-reclaimable(advanced)



The command "volume snapshot compute-reclaimable" calculates the volume space that can be reclaimed if one or more specified Snapshot copies are deleted.

Note: The command heavily uses system’s computational resources so it can reduce the performance for the client requests and other system processes. Therefore, the queries that use query operators (*, |, etc.), are disabled for this command. You should not specify more than three Snapshot copies per query. Snapshot copies must be specified as a comma-separated list with no spaces after the commas.

Due to this heavy performance requirement, the command "volume snapshot computer-reclaimable" may timeout resulting in the error: "Cannot determine the status of Snapshot copy reclaimable operation on volume".

When running the command "snapshot compute-reclaimable", an error is received:

Cluster::> snapshot compute-reclaimable -vserver <vServer_name> -volume <volume_name> -snapshots <snapshot_name>
Error: command failed: Cannot determine the status of Snapshot copy reclaimable operation on volume "volume_name" on Vserver "vServer_name".
If necessary, try the operation again.


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