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ACP Connectivity Status: Partial Connectivity

Applies to

  • Data ONTAP 7 and earlier
  • FAS systems 


sysconfig -a and storage show acp -a report the following message: ACP Connectivity Status: Partial Connectivity

One or more devices report the following message: 6a.05.B 000 01.15 not-responding (last contact at: "Sun Apr 15 15:30:55 CEST 2012")

The devices might sometimes be fine after an ACP disable/enable, but the issue is repeated regularly:

Fri Sep 05 11:02:25 GMT [xxxxx: acpa_command_thread: acp.common.message:debug]: ERROR: params: {'debug_string': 'ACPP (0xc0a80251) not ready to process the command.\n'} Fri Sep 05 11:02:34 GMT [xxxxx: oob_bootp_sender: acp.neg.socErr:err]: Socket send error while port e0e was communicating with the ACP processor (0x1c08fea9).



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