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Type-XDP SnapMirror transfers in fan-out topology are slower than expected

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9.1 - 9.5P3
  • SnapMirror source node has fan-out SnapMirror relationships


  • A SnapMirror source node has one or more slower fan-out SnapMirror relationships as well as other, faster fan-out SnapMirror Relationships from the same source node.
  • In some cases, one or more of the slower SnapMirror relationship(s) throttle the throughput rate achieved by the faster SnapMirror relationships.
    • When the slower SnapMirrors are aborted or otherwise idle, the faster SnapMirror relationships go back to expected speeds.
    • Note:
      • This KB only applies when fast SnapMirrors are throttled by slower SnapMirrors transferring from the same source node at the same time.
      • In these cases, the fast SnapMirrors run at expected speeds when the slower SnapMirrors are aborted or otherwise not transferring.
  • As an example, consider a SnapMirror source node has an InterCluster SnapMirror relationship going over a WAN link achieving at-best a throughput of 15MB/s.
    • This same SnapMirror source node also has an intra-cluster SnapMirror relationship replicating over a 10Gbps cluster interconnect achieving a throughput of 100MB/s. 
    • When the slower InterCluster SnapMirror is transferring, the faster intra-cluster SnapMirror slows to ~15-20MB/s.
    • When the slower InterCluster SnapMirror is aborted, the faster intra-cluster SnapMirror picks back up to the expected 100MB/s throughput.


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