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What log files does SnapCenter SMCore Service generate?

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SnapCenter Plug-in for Microsoft Windows


SnapCenter SMCore Service is a component running on SnapCenter Server host and Windows host having SnapCenter Plug-in for Microsoft Windows.
The following log files are generated by SMCore.

Log File Name Location Description Log Rotation
SMCoreService.log <SC_Install_Dir>\SMCore\log\ SnapCenter SMCore Service log file. The roll over is triggered when the log file size exceeds MaxFileSize. Rotated logs are retained as SMCoreService.log.<N> files up to the number specified as MaxSizeRollBackups. The default MaxFileSize is 10MB and the default  MaxSizeRollBackups is 10. These parameters can be changed with Set-SmLogSettings -Agent Cmdlet. For details, find Windows Cmdlet Reference Guide for the version you are running and refer to the documentation.
SMCore_<Job_ID>.log <SC_Install_Dir>\SMCore\log\ SnapCenter SMCore Service jog logs. Basically the same as SMCoreService.log but contains only information related to an individual job. When total job log files size exceeds JobLogsMaxFileSize, the oldest files are deleted. The default JobLogsMaxFileSize is 500MB and it can be changed with Set-SmLogSettings -Agent Cmdlet. For details, find Windows Cmdlet Reference Guide for the version you are running and refer to the documentation.
SnapDriveSALDebug.log <SC_Install_Dir>\SMCore SMCore Storage Abstraction Layer (SAL) log file. This log file contains log outputs related to ZAPI that SMCore ran. For details, refer to KB: How to change the maximum log file size and the number of log files to retain for SMCore SAL log.
SCW_<Job_ID>.log <SC_Install_Dir>\SMCore\job_logs SMCore SAL job logs. Basically the same as SnapDriveSALDebug.log but contains only information related to an individual job. Not deleted automatically. The old jog log files can be deleted manually.
JobLauncher.log <SC_Install_Dir>\SMCore\log\ Log file for SmJobLauncher.exe that triggers scheduled jobs. Not deleted automatically. This log file can be deleted during time when jobs are not scheduled.



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