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Unified Manager shows "The cluster is not reachable" error after an ONTAP upgrade

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OnCommand Unified Manager (UM) 9.x


  • There was a recent Cluster ONTAP upgrade
  • The following error message is seen in the UM Web UI on the Dashboard > Cluster View > Monitoring Status section

The cluster <cluster name> is not reachable. Cluster cannot be reached. Ensure that there is network connectivity to the cluster. The following settings must also be configured correctly for the cluster: hostname or cluster-management IP address, protocol, and port. If the issue persists, contact technical support.

  • The ocumserver.log file contains the following error message:

2018-11-06 05:06:32,139 ERROR [oncommand] [reconcile-0] [c.n.dfm.collector.OcieJmsListener] Ignoring PACKAGE_CHANGED at updateTime Tue Nov 06 05:06:27 MST 2018, previous foundation poll at pollStartTime Fri Oct 05 09:43:04 MDT 2018 still being processed for ds=1(#####), adding to the droppedJmsDataSources list

2018-11-06 05:06:32,490 ERROR [oncommand] [reconcile-0] [c.n.dfm.collector.OcieJmsListener] Previous foundation poll at pollStartTime Fri Oct 05 09:43:04 MDT 2018 ongoing for ds=1(###), adding to the droppedJmsDataSources list

Note: Use either the RHEL/Windows or OVA article to produce a Support Bundle to locate the ocumserver.log file in the <support bundle name>\server directory



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