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In OnCommand System Manager, what is the volume "Over Provisioned Space"?

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • OnCommand System Manager
  • System Manager Classic UI


The volume "Over Provisioned Space" value provided in System Manager is the "Over Provisioned Size" field provided by the volume show at the cluster shell.

This value is determined by the following formula:

(volume size) - (volume used) - (volume space available) - (snapshot used space) == storage that can't be provided by the aggregate if written to the volume


From the volume show documentation.

If this parameter is specified, the command displays information only about the volume or volumes that have the specified size not available in the aggregate. This applies only for a 'none' guaranteed volume when it's unused size exceeds available space in the aggregate. This value is always zero for 'volume' guaranteed volumes. This parameter is not supported on Infinite Volumes.


In the example below we can see a 500GB Thin Provisioned volume called test.

OnCommand System Manager


The Over Provisioned Space shows as 468.27GB. This is due to the fact that the aggregate does not have sufficient space to allow for the full 500GB to be written to the volume.


As we can see below the volume size exceeds the total size of the aggregate(aggr1_cluster1_01).

OnCommand System Manager


The Over Provisioned Space value is the amount of space out of the total volume size that exceeds the available space in the aggregate. If a 30GB thick provisioned volume(test_2) is then created, we can see the Over-Provisioned space increase by that amount as the aggregate has less available space.


OnCommand System Manager


The aggregate is now 95% full.

OnCommand System Manager


The Over Provisioned value increases by the 30GB as the test_2 volume is thick provisioned and that space is no longer available in the aggregate for test.

OnCommand System Manager


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