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How do SnapLock Unified Aggregates work for ONTAP 9.10.1 and later?

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9.10.1 and later
  • SnapLock


SnapLock Unified Aggregates overview
  • SnapLock Unified Aggregates are a new feature in ONTAP 9.10.1 and later.
  • A SnapLock Unified Aggregate can host SnapLock Compliance, SnapLock Enterprise, and non-SnapLock volume in the same data aggregate.
  • SnapLock and non-SnapLock volumes can be moved between any data aggregates in a cluster.

Note: A SnapLock audit volume and a user with the "snaplock" role are required to move SnapLock volumes. See the Archive and Compliance guide for details. 

  • All data aggregates become SnapLock Unified Aggregates automatically upon upgrade to ONTAP 9.10.1 and later.
New behavior and logging
  • SnapLock type (Enterprise or Compliance) is no longer set at the aggregate level but is set at the volume level when creating a volume.

::> volume create -volume volLock -aggregate aggr1 -size 20m -snaplock-type enterprise

  • It is not possible to convert an existing volume's SnapLock type; however, you can create FlexClone volumes with SnapLock types different from the parent volume in ONTAP 9.13.1 and later.
  • An aggregate's snaplock-type field will always reflect the most-restrictive SnapLock type of the volumes hosted on the aggregate. This attribute is not inherited by volumes created in the aggregate.
    • If there are only non-SnapLock volumes the aggregate will report a snaplock-type of "non-snaplock".
    • If there are only SnapLock Enterprise volumes (with any number of non-SnapLock volumes) the aggregate will report a snaplock-type of "enterprise".
    • If there are any SnapLock Compliance volumes (with any number of any other volume type) the aggregate will report a snaplock-type of "compliance".
    • For example, the following aggregate contains SnapLock enterprise volumes and may contain non-SnapLock volumes but will not contain any SnapLock Compliance volumes.

::> aggr show aggr1 -fields snaplock-type
aggregate snaplock-type
--------- -------------
aggr1     enterprise

  • When creating a non-SnapLock volume in an aggregate which contains SnapLock volumes, ONTAP will provide a warning that the new volume will not be SnapLock unless explicitly configured in the volume create command.

::> volume create -volume volnew -aggregate aggr1 -size 20m

Warning: The volume is being created on a SnapLock aggregate, but the "snaplock-type" has not been specified. The volume will be created as a non-SnapLock volume.

  • The node-shell command aggr status reports the number of SnapLock Enterprise and Compliance volumes that exist on an aggregate.

::> run -node cluster1-01 aggr status aggr1
           Aggr State           Status                Options
          aggr1 online          raid_dp, aggr         nosnap=on, snaplock_enterprise

                Volumes: svm1_root, volLock, volnew
                SnapLock Compliance volume count: 0
                SnapLock Enterprise volume count: 1

                Plex /aggr1/plex0: online, normal, active
                    RAID group /aggr1/plex0/rg0: normal, block checksums

Additional Information

  • There is no change in SnapLock or WORM protection strength due to this feature.


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