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No compression (reporting 0)savings in ONTAP 9.8 or later at the volume level

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9.8 or later
  • Temperature Sensitive Storage Efficiency (TSSE)


  • All volumes with auto-adaptive inline compression enabled display 0B compression in ONTAP 9.8:
::*> aggr show-efficiency -aggregate !*root,!*snaplock -fields volume-compression-saved
aggregate              volume-compression-saved
---------------------- ------------------------
aggr1                  0B
aggr2                  0B

  • Volume shows deduplication savings, but no space saved by compression:
::*> volume show -volume vol* -fields dedupe-space-saved,dedupe-space-saved-percent,compression-space-saved,compression-space-saved-percent

vserver  volume               dedupe-space-saved dedupe-space-saved-percent compression-space-saved compression-space-saved-percent
-------- -------------------- ------------------ -------------------------- ----------------------- -------------------------------
svm1     vol3                 111.6GB            7%                         0B                      0%
svm1     vol4                 184.2GB            10%                        0B                      0%
  • Attempt to run compression manually fails with error: 
::*> volume efficiency start -vserver svm1 -volume vol1 -dedupe true -compression true -compaction true -scan-old-data true

Warning: This operation scans all of the data in volume "vol1" of Vserver "svm1". It might take a significant time, and degrade performance during that time. 
Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y  

Error: command failed: Failed to start efficiency on volume "vol1" of Vserver "svm1": "-compression" option is not supported on
                                     auto-adaptive compression enabled volumes.


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