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NTFS permissions on a CIFS share are not taking effect on a specific user

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  • The user who is able to access the CIFS share even though ACL's don't allow access
  • User has SeTcbPrivilege privilege


::> set diag
::*> diag secd authentication show-creds -node cdot-vsim1-01 -vserver svm -win-name

    UNIX UID: pcuser <> Windows User: TEST\user1 (Windows Domain User)
    GID: pcuser
    Supplementary GIDs (partial):
    Primary Group SID: TEST\Domain Users (Windows Domain group)

Windows Membership:
    TEST\Domain Users (Windows Domain group)
    Service asserted identity (Windows Well known group)
    BUILTIN\Users (Windows Alias)
    User is also a member of Everyone, Authenticated Users, and Network Users
    Privileges (0x2088):

::> cifs users-and-groups privilege show
Vserver        User or Group Name           Privileges
-------------- ---------------------------- -------------------
svm            DEMO\backdoor                SeTcbPrivilege


  • Permissions on the share also show no access for this user

::*> file-directory show -vserver svm -path /vol1/
(vserver security file-directory show)
Vserver: svm
    File Path: /vol1/
    File Inode Number: 64
    Security Style: ntfs
    Effective Style: ntfs
    DOS Attributes: 10
    DOS Attributes in Text: ----D---

Expanded Dos Attributes: -
    UNIX User Id: 0
    UNIX Group Id: 0
    UNIX Mode Bits: 777
    UNIX Mode Bits in Text: rwxrwxrwx
    ACLs: NTFS Security Descriptor

    DACL - ACEs
    ALLOW-TEST\Domain Admins-0x1f01ff-OI|CI

Note: highlighted line means only domain admins are allowed access

  • vserver security trace output for the user in question

    "Access is allowed because the operation is trusted and no security is configured while opening existing file or directory. Access is granted for: <permissions>".


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