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AV Connector (AVSHIM) fails to register the Virus Scan Engine with the error: Registration failure: ScanType != SCANTYPE_rpc_cluster

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Applies to

  • McAfee Antivirus 
  • ONTAP AV Connector
  • ONTAP 9


  • Vscan connection-status shows that vscanners are connected, however, scan failures still persist. Especially if scan-madatory is set, clients are unable to access files.
  • Running the following command displays status of vscanner is 'connected'; however, the vscan vendor displays the status as 'vendor not registered'. 
    • This means the AV Connector has connected to the storage system.
    • However, there is an issue with the virus scan engine registering to the AV Connector.

::*> vscan connection-status show-extended-stats -instance

                             Node: node01
                          Vserver: vservername
                    Server Status: connected
                      Server Type: primary
                  Vscanner Vendor: vendor not registered
                 Vscanner Version: 0.0
Extended-statistics from Vscanner: ts=11:21:46 AM Nov 05,2015
                                   mempage/s=3, procs=46, threads=646, %cpu=2.50, procqlen=1, diskio/s=1, smbbytes/s=70,
                                   ifmac=00:50:56:92:5D:F2 [VMware], tcpstat=retrans:34,connfail:0,connreset:12,inerr:0
                                   cfg=Host Name:ABCDE
                                   OS Name:Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard
                                   OS Version:6.3.9600 N/A Build 9600
                                   System Boot Time:11/5/2015, 12:07:39 PM
                                   System Manufacturer:VMware, Inc.
                                   System Model:VMware Virtual Platform
                                   System Type:x64-based PC
                                   Processor(s):1 Processor(s) Installed.
                                   [01]:Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 1 GenuineIntel ~2394 Mhz


  • McAfee scan vendor logs may display a failure to connect to the loop back address (ONTAP AV Connector) as follows:

11/5/2015    11:20:03 AM    Scan Summary    ABCDE    Scan Summary
11/5/2015    11:20:03 AM    Scan Summary    ABCDE    Files scanned : 0
11/5/2015    11:20:03 AM    Scan Summary    ABCDE    Files with detections :  0
11/5/2015    11:20:03 AM    Scan Summary    ABCDE    File detections :  0
11/5/2015    11:20:03 AM    Scan Summary    ABCDE    Files cleaned : 0
11/5/2015    11:20:03 AM    Scan Summary    ABCDE    Files deleted : 0
11/5/2015    11:20:03 AM    Scan Summary    ABCDE    Files not scanned : 0
11/5/2015    11:20:04 AM    Engine Version =     5400.1158
11/5/2015    11:20:04 AM    Anti-virus DAT Version =     7975.0
11/5/2015    11:20:10 AM    Unable to connect to filer 87

782.403: [pipe: 12.34.567.136][w][sess: 7ddfbf71fe8b0e9b] sending basic-stats, valid-pipe?[1]
784.060: [pipe: 12.34.567.137][w][sess: 20affddf0268838c] sending basic-stats, valid-pipe?[1]
791.653: basicStats: %cpu=1, %net=0
794.935: Issuing zapi network query to
794.982: [MgmtHost::FetchVlifs] vserver:[vservername], node:[node01], exists:[1]
794.982: [LifParam::ReconcileLifThreads] [plp: 12.34.567.890, vservernamenode01] in_use: [1]
797.310: Registration on old interface, ScanType: 1
797.310: Registration failure: ScanType != SCANTYPE_rpc_cluster
799.325: Registration on old interface, ScanType: 1
799.325: Registration failure: ScanType != SCANTYPE_rpc_cluster
801.341: Registration on old interface, ScanType: 1
801.341: Registration failure: ScanType != SCANTYPE_rpc_cluster
806.154: Issuing zapi network query to 12.34.567.136


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