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CIFS inaccessible after Snapmirror Cloud Restore

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Applies to

  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.10.1
  • CIFS
  • Snapmirror Cloud restore


  • After a Snapmirror cloud restore, CIFS shares become inaccessible, with operations timing out.
  • Event log errors similar to:
Mon Feb 28 12:11:50 1100 [node01: kernel: Nblade_CifsOperationTimedOut_1:error]: params: {'remoteBladeID': '3855f5a6-7d64-11ec-b35a-4d5fcf2e348d (node01)', 'cmdRestartCnt': '0', 'vserverId': '3', 'commandName': 'SMB2_COM_CREATE', 'isQosEnabled': 'QoS_disabled', 'lastSpinNpError': 'SPINNP_NO_FO_ERROR', 'localIpAddress': '', 'lastCsmError': 'CSM_BACKPRESSURE', 'clientIpAddress': '', 'vserverName': 'svmtest', 'suspensionCnt': '2069', 'dsId': '1037'}
Mon Feb 28 12:16:51 1100 [node-01: kernel: ems.engine.suppressed:debug]: Event 'Nblade.CifsOperationTimedOut' suppressed 51 times in last 293 seconds.
Mon Feb 28 12:26:57 1100 [node01: kernel: Nblade_CifsOperationTimedOut_1:error]: params: {'remoteBladeID': '3855f5a6-7d64-11ec-b35a-4d5fcf2e348d (node01)', 'cmdRestartCnt': '0', 'vserverId': '3', 'commandName': 'SMB2_COM_TREE_CONNECT', 'isQosEnabled': 'QoS_disabled', 'lastSpinNpError': 'SPINNP_NO_FO_ERROR', 'localIpAddress': '', 'lastCsmError': 'CSM_BACKPRESSURE', 'clientIpAddress': '', 'vserverName': 'svmtest', 'suspensionCnt': '2065', 'dsId': '1031'}
  • High latency ~40s for SMB2 create and tree-connect requests
cluster::*> statistics show-periodic -object smb2 -counter create_latency|tree_connect_latency -instance <svm> -summary false -interval 10
cluster: smb2.svmtest: 3/15/2022 14:36:37
   create      connect
  latency      latency
--------     --------
42332159us       44us
42332191us       42us
42331286us 42335102us
42332996us        0us
  • From packet trace, SMB2 Tree Connect and Create Requests fail with STATUS_INTERNAL_ERROR after 40s. 
No.    delta      src              dst            PROT  TCP_Len  Response_time   Info
135676 0.061154000  SMB2  77                       [TCP ACKed unseensegment] Create Response, Error: STATUS_INTERNAL_ERROR
135680 0.012470000  SMB2  648                      Create Request File: FASHION-2022-006_22_14_08_09.pdf
155007 0.001199000  SMB2  77       40.014543000    Create Response,Error: STATUS_INTERNAL_ERROR
155012 0.006675000  SMB2  568                      Create Request File: FILES_Output.xml
182225 0.000102000  SMB2  77       40.014702000    Tree Connect Response, Error: STATUS_INTERNAL_ERROR
182238 0.001300000  SMB2  120                      Tree Connect Request Tree: \$
185087 0.042234000  SMB2  77                       Create Response, Error: STATUS_INTERNAL_ERROR
185088 0.007147000  SMB2  284                      Create Request File: NShareTele
195602 0.002420000  SMB2  77                       Tree Connect Response, Error: STATUS_INTERNAL_ERROR
195604 0.005818000  SMB2  120                      Tree Connect Request Tree: \$
220790 0.088176000  SMB2  77       40.010021000    Tree ConnectResponse, Error: STATUS_INTERNAL_ERROR
220791 0.005019000  SMB2  120                      Tree Connect Request Tree: \$
226800 0.019917000  SMB2  77       40.005785000    Create Response, Error: STATUS_INTERNAL_ERROR
226803 0.052802000  SMB2  648                      Create Request File: FFASHION-2022-006_22_14_08_09.pdf
270263 0.118639000  SMB2  77       40.002190000    Create Response, Error: STATUS_INTERNAL_ERROR

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