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Modification of ATTO bridge IP address fails from cluster

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • FAS/AFF Systems
  • Fabric-Attached MetroCluster
  • ATTO bridges under in-band monitoring


  • The ATTO bridges report error status after modifying the IP addresses:

Cluster1::> storage bridge show -fields name,status
name                  status
--------------------- ------
4 entries were displayed.

  • Node reports bridge unreachable alerts:

Cluster1::> system health alert show
               Node: Node-n3
           Alert ID: StorageBridgeUnreachable_Alert
           Resource: ATTO_200000108XXXXX40
           Severity: Major
    Indication Time: Wed Mar 15 19:21:32 2023
           Suppress: false
        Acknowledge: false
     Probable Cause: "ATTO_200000XXXXXXXX40" bridge is not reachable over
                     management network.
    Possible Effect: Bridge "ATTO_200000XXXXXXXX40" cannot be monitored for
 Corrective Actions: 1) If the bridge is monitored by SNMP, verify that the node management LIF is up
                     by using the "network interface show" command. Verify that the "ATTO_200000XXXXXXXX40"
                     bridge is alive by using the "network ping" command.
                     2) If the bridge is monitored in-band, check the fabric cabling to the bridge,
                     and then verify that the bridge is powered up.

  • Modifications to bridge monitoring fails on:

1. Trying to add a new IP address:

Cluster1::> system bridge add -name ATTO_172.20.YY.YY -address 172.20.YY.YY -managed-by in-band
Error: command failed: Internal error. Failed to add bridge for monitoring on node "Node-n3" in cluster "Cluster1". Reason: Bridge ATTO_172.20.YY.YY not found in array_profile_db.

2. Trying to modify the existing IP address:

Cluster1::> storage bridge modify -name ATTO_200000XXXXXXXXc0 -address 172.20.YY.YY

Error: command failed: Bridge is not reachable over SNMP on node "Node-n3" in cluster "Cluster1". Verify that the node management LIF is up by using the "network interface show -role node_mgmt" command on a node in cluster "Cluster1". Verify that SNMP is enabled on the bridge using a method supplied by the bridge's vendor (ATTO). Then try the command again.

3. Removing and re-adding bridges from health monitoring:

Cluster1::> storage bridge remove -name ATTO_200000XXXXXXXXc0

Cluster1::> storage bridge add -name ATTO_200000XXXXXXXXc0 -address 172.20.YY.YY -managed-by in-band

Cluster1::> storage bridge show -name ATTO_200000XXXXXXXXc0 -fields address
name                  address     
--------------------- ------------
ATTO_200000XXXXXXXXc0 172.19.XX.XX

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